Design, for us, forms an integral part of each space. We always strive to reach the perfect balance of aesthetical and functional elements. We are not afraid to look for an innovative design while respecting the nature of the space.


We draw inspiration from collaboration with architects and always look for the most suitable way to achieve optimum results at a range of price points. Apart from the standard system solutions we develop original designs in the space while using tailor-made features.

We employ a wide range of materials including ones resulting from our own research and development. This allows us to create a unique design in each space, for example by using the unique GLASIO sound-absorbing glass or LAUTIO, a highly resistant material.

By creating a compact and acoustically functional interior, each project becomes unique and its value is growing. As early as on receiving the input information, we can create the resulting visualisation of the space for our clients.


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director of the company, architecture and implementation group manager

+420 777 891 916

On setting up AVETON our vision was to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner for all projects dealing with acoustics at construction sites. This has been my credo until now. I love and practice art and music, and in the creative design of acoustics I feel a graceful coming together of both these worlds. I enjoy discussing acoustics while proposing new technological solutions. I draw inspiration from collaborating with my colleagues and other architects, as this helps in teasing out new progressive ideas