Whether acoustics originate in a new facility or space, or the particular space is being reconstructed or adapted for a different use, input acoustic measurements are required for mapping the existing conditions which subsequent design activities are dependent on.

Prior to handing over the building, we perform final measurements which specify the output acoustic parameters of the designed space. This means the client has an overall summary of the acoustic features of the new space and can therefore fully utilise its potential.

Our services include evaluation of a wide range of acoustic variables, from noise measurements, measurement of space acoustics to measurement of AV chains set up at various levels of the design documentation.

Before the own hand-over to client, we secure the final measurement operations and check all acoustic parameters of the space or room. Our clients have always the perfect overview of the space’s features and are able to use them accordingly. 


Space acoustics

  • Reverberation time – T
  • Comprehensibility of speech transmission index – STI
  • Coefficients of sound absorbability using a Kundt tube in the reverberant chamber – α
  • Diffusivity measurement
  • Measurement of noise and building acoustics parameters
  • Equivalent and maximum levels of acoustic pressure – LAeq,t, LAmax
  • The sound transmission loss – R´w
  • The floor transmission loss – L´n,w


AV technology

  • loudspeaker calibration
  • impulse response measurements and calculation of specific parameters 
  • speech comprehensibility measurements STI, STIPA



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The key acoustic field I deal with in AVETON is building, noise and urban acoustics. My personal objective is to develop effort in the creating new innovative systems and acoustic products as a part of internal or external development and also via subsidy programmes. This allows us to design and develop unique acoustic spaces.