Noise studies

How does noise propagate and influence our surroundings? Noise studies mainly focus on assessing noise from transport, industrial facilities, HVAC system, cooling units, heat pumps, and even from entire territorial units and building developments. 

We develop noise studies for the most demanding premises in terms of acoustics (recording studios, concert halls) and apartment buildings. Such studies are always based on tender documentation, legislative and customer requirements. 

On the basis of input data on the stationary sources in question, transport and the nature of an area of interest, we develop the most suitable noise model including façade cladding design. In terms of urban acoustics we also collaborate in developing activities involving noise protection walls and tunnel complexes.


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The key acoustic field I deal with in AVETON is building, noise and urban acoustics. My personal objective is to develop effort in the creating new innovative systems and acoustic products as a part of internal or external development and also via subsidy programmes. This allows us to design and develop unique acoustic spaces.