The revolutionary GLASIO acoustic glass represents a new dimension in the synergy of aesthetics and acoustic functionality and has no equivalent among conventional acoustic materials.

GLASIO has been undergoing constant development and in the search for new development opportunities, a very effective collaboration with the Technical University of Liberec and PARDAM s.r.o. was established in 2019, resulting in a grant project entitled “Optimization of the properties of GLASIO recycled crystal glass acoustic panels functionalized with nanofiber additives”.

The development of GLASIO is the result of the collaboration of top specialists in glass and advanced technologies Maria Stará and Vlastimil Hotar with designer Zuzana Hrubošová, and Michal Šitych, who has been behind the development of this unique material from the very beginning.

The project is primarily focused on the optimization of the production technology of acoustic panels oriented to reduce the energy consumption of production, including optimization of the internal structure of the panel, while achieving modification of existing and creation of new functional properties.

State-of-the-art technologies in the field of nanotechnology have been used to provide certain properties, such as antibacterial function or hydrophobic treatment.

An automatic robot for panel cutting was designed and constructed in the framework of the project, which makes it possible to cut with maximum precision and in any direction.

Another equally important objective is to highlight and develop the potential in the field of design and the overall concept and perception of the material. The primary focus of the development is on the optical properties of the panel, complemented by the possibilities of unique shaping with emphasis on appropriate lighting.

The project emphasizes the ecological aspect and a positive approach to sustainable development of society in conjunction with a new product that refers to the traditional production of crystal glass. It is a high added value end product that applies the use of nanofibres and combines superior acoustic properties with functional, optical, design and aesthetic properties.

We cooperate on GLASIO 2G project with following partners:

Technická univerzita v Liberci – Katedra sklářských strojů a robotiky

The project is being realised with financial support of TAČR.

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